The Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Finger Lakes surveys funeral prices in its service area at 2-year intervals. This service area, centered on Tompkins County, includes parts of eight surrounding counties in the southern Finger Lakes region and adjacent Southern Tier. During February–June, 2017, General Price Lists (GPLs) for 36 funeral businesses were obtained. We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of the businesses. The boundaries, parameters and format used in this report were recommended by the National Funeral Consumers Alliance.

Prices for 14 types of services and two categories of merchandise were extracted from each price list. In addition, an index related to the price of a full-service funeral was compiled for each funeral home. This Full-service Price Index allows the reader to compare quickly the level of pricing for different funeral homes.

The data are presented in two tables. The reported prices were in effect when price lists were submitted. The effective dates on these lists ranged from August 2011 to February 2017. A funeral business can change its prices at any time. Therefore, if you need to know current prices at any funeral home, call or visit that business.

Table 1 lists prices for the four services that each include a funeral home’s Basic Arrangements charge. These four services are direct cremation, direct or immediate burial, forwarding of remains from one funeral home to another, and receiving of remains by one funeral home from another. This table also shows prices of the cheapest casket and/or alternative container and the cheapest burial vault, as well as the full-service funeral price index for each funeral home. This index is obtained by adding the prices of eight services (no merchandise) listed in footnote (h) of Table 1, which are given in detail in the body of Table 2. Individual prices for these eight services are given in the body of Table 2.  

Table 2 shows the Basic Arrangements charge at each funeral home, followed by the prices of some typical components of full-service funerals, the full-service funeral price index, and footnotes. Please do not ignore the footnotes! They are intended to clarify situations that cannot be fully understood by simply listing dollar values.

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